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James Fereira has a background in exploring ancient ruins, quilting, and making Easter eggs. In his spare time he enjoys walking in the rain, and questioning authority. James can be reached at ThePortlandPalate@gmail.com.

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  1. Harlz

    Ordering a pizza with pineapple on it removes all credibility of your judgements in my opinion. Why any grown adult would choose to pay money for that abomination is beyond my comprehension. Also if you are going to rate pizzas the benchmark should be plain cheese, judging them on crust, sauce and cheese. Toppings are great, but cheese, crust and sauce are the base for every pie that will come out of a kitchen. If a cheese pizza comes out of the kitchen and it is disappointing, everything else that comes out is sure to follow suit.

  2. self04084

    Pizza reviews are purely subjective – this article proves that.

  3. Ross Warren

    Several weeks ago while visiting Portland we ventured into Pizzarino. It was fabulous! Will go again next time there. I give them an A Plus!

  4. Vince Taylor

    Pievino have one of the best pizzas in entire portland.


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