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The West End News is the independent community newspaper for Portland, Maine. Our mission is to be the best source for community news, to generate conversations that strengthen our sense of connection, and to provide targeted and affordable advertising. We are locally owned, independent, and committed to our community in a way that cannot be matched.

WEN - Importance of Local Print News - WEN Word Cloud from 2016 Reader SurveyEvery month we distribute 7000 newspapers in all of Portland’s neighborhoods. We also distribute to South Portland, Falmouth, Scarborough, and Westbrook. This provides excellent local exposure for our advertisers at a price that can’t be beat.

West End News - About Us - Cicrulation MapThere’s something for everyone with an interest in downtown Portland in the West End News! Readers receive original content and neighborhood news — often written by neighbors who they know and trust.

Advertisers get their message in front of readers who care about and support local business.

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Source: 2016 WEN Reader Survey

Join our community of advertisers, and get your message in front of your neighbors. They are ready to get to know you!

For information on rates please contact Rick Ness at, 207-577-7025.

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  • Ad copy is due the third Monday of the preceding month.
  • Contributor content is due on the last Friday of the preceding month.
  • Issues arrive on First Friday of every month!

January 2019

Ad Due Date: Monday, December 17, 2018

Contributor Due Date: Friday, December 28, 2018

Circulation Date: Friday, January 5


Ad Due Date: Monday, January 21

Contributor Due Date: Friday, January 25

Circulation Date: Friday, February 1


Ad Due Date: Monday, February 19

Contributor Due Date: Friday, February 22

Circulation Date: Friday, March 1


Ad Due Date: Monday, March 18

Contributor Due Date: Friday, March 29

Circulation Date: Friday, April 5


Ad Due Date: Monday, April 15

Contributor Due Date: Friday, April 26

Circulation Date: Friday, May 3


Ad Due Date: Monday, May 20

Contributor Due Date: Friday, May 31

Circulation Date: Friday, June 7


Ad Due Date: Monday, June 17

Contributor Due Date: Friday, June 28

Circulation Date: Friday, July 5

August – Portland Fine Craft Show Program

Ad Due Date: Monday, July 15

Contributor Due Date: Friday, July 26

Circulation Date: Friday, August 2


Ad Due Date: Monday, August 19

Contributor Due Date: Friday, August 30

Circulation Date: Friday, September 6

October  – Election Issue

Ad Due Date: Monday, September 16

Contributor Due Date: Friday, September 27

Circulation Date: Friday, October 4


Ad Due Date: Monday, October 21

Contributor Due Date: Friday, October 25

Circulation Date: Friday, November 1


Ad Due Date: Monday, November 18

Contributor Due Date: Friday, November 29

Circulation Date: Friday, December 6


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