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  1. Davis

    Hello.I am really satisfied with your advice,the list that you made is short but good.I agree with it in hundred percent.I would just add that any sort of daily mindfulness is good even if it is something that is weird.If you can be creative in any way you will think of what you are doing and not think about the problems you have.I like to draw,and I like to color coloring pages,that is removing the stress from my everydays,I completely forget about the problems I have.
    You say we need to stay connected,I agree with that.But the problem is thata we should socialise in the real life,not virtually,hang out with friends,family,…Just surfing the social media and chating is not relaxing,you see news,you see bad things from the world,watching TV with news is also not good.Go to the nature,park,forest,anywhere,leave your phone at home,enjoy the things,views the nature has to offer,leave your problems at home or at work,enjoy a walk,bicycle ride,anything,these things are helping us to get rid of stress,not the gadgets.Life is one,enjoy it while you can,don’t waste time on bad things.


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