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  1. Kelly Spencer

    I have been trying to open a ‘shop’ in Southern Maine, more specifically,Sanford for nearly a year now. Sadly, all I have to show for my efforts is a bill from the State for 3 out of 4 quarters for “unpaid sales taxes!!! Excuse me but, I still have not opened the business, so how am I being assessed sales tax? Yes, I was given a business license (which to this moment, does STILL not display the correct business name) but what good is that doing me or the community that I intend to serve if I have no business attached to the name?

    I originally applied for occupancy as a ‘head shop’ and although issued the business license, was recently told that my choice of business was not legal in Sanford. Okay, I said…good to know a year later! I then changed it to a ‘smoke shop’, which apparently legal here. Nevertheless, I STILL have nothing but a business name and sales tax debt for a ‘non-existent’ business!

    Is there any advice, comment, suggestion that you can offer me at this point? I intend(ed) to open this ‘shop/dispensary for my son who is a medical marijuana cardholder…


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