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  1. David

    Part of our stewardship of the earth is simple–burn less fuel. Walk/bike more. Helping to make this easy…well, it’s not so easy.

    I’ve been subscribing to the Bloomberg CityLab Newsletter: nowhttps://www.bloomberg.com/account/newsletters/citylab-daily?source=NLshare

    A recent article presented the “Open Streets” concept, which has been successfully put to use here in Portland, with partially or completely vehicle-free streets.

    I was wondering about making Brackett Street a one-way street between Spring and Pine…there are several businesses that would thrive all the more w/ increased outdoor dining space. The OHNO Cafe could surely use a closure in that block as well! Unidirectional traffic flow would probably reduce idling, and would surely be safer for student pick-up and drop-off at the Reiche School.

    The school and the various businesses would all have to be involved in this proposal, but I am trying to open a discussion on this topic.



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