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  1. Michael Anthony

    people are doing stuff about it adam! maybe you could report on more radical aspects of the environmental movement, and think outside of the US, rather than dismiss everything. i respect your criticisms of the movement, but you really havent looked for alternatives it seems. they are there.

    mary mason is serving the rest of her 20 some years in jail along with many others folks will probably never hear of, who are bringing the war home. the green scare is a thing, it would seem silly for the government to wage a war on environmental terrorism, if folks werent doing anything to help the environment.

    deep green resistance, earth first, earth liberation front
    deep ecologists and green syndicalists like judi bari

    im working with anarcho syndicalists to develop an international intersectional platform based on judi baris work, and have hope that we can help reinvigorate the labor movement, and bring back popular support by introducing a radical revolutionary undertow within the movement, agitating existing unions, workers centers, and new forming solidarity networks(direct action fronts for labor).

    judi was one of the first to point out that because its not consumption thats the problem and thus consumers who need to be organized to either recycle minimize waste or channel their consumption in “greener” ways. its not even the factories, or refineries, and its not the corporate headquarters. its the front line exploitation of the environment, the trucks, the drills, the seismic testers, where it all begins, a relatively small number of workers have all the power to shut down the entire industrial economy, and so thats is there we need to prioritize our organizing if we want to stop climate change.

    workers have been at the forefront of all environmental issues, changing factory processes that were harmful to them and surrounding communities. and in turn reducing pollution and emmissions.

    todays unions have become defensive and conservative reactionary and pittiful. but this is at least in part due to their traditional workerist aproach to labor organizing, and relative privelege compared to the rest of the struggling working class. they are almost completely irrelivant to the world outside of their union shops. pretty soon there wont be an outside world, unless labor brings its economic teeth to the fight.



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