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  1. Anthony Zeli

    Thank you, Asher Platts, for sharing some great pieces with the West End News. We’re a big fan of the Punk Patriot blog – http://punkpatriot.blogspot.com/

  2. Mark

    The $240 less profit a day results in $87,600 less profit a year.

    This might just matter to the franchisee who owns one fast food franchise location.

    And when did it become the responsibility of the government and business owners to lift individuals out of poverty?

    Do individuals bear any responsibility in lifting themselves out of poverty?

    An individual can choose to avoid having kids they can’t afford, can choose to work more than one job, and can choose to pursue higher education.

    These choices can go a long way in lifting an individual out of poverty.

    Instead of these seemingly simple individual lifestyle choices you are proposing a government mandate forcing an individual business owner to double their payroll expenditures without any return or reward.


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