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  1. Ralph Baldwin

    The article about Strimling makes one serious mistake – about the council’s actions last year regarding STR regulations. Raising the cap of non-owner occupied units from 300 to 400 actually resulted in a reduction, not an increase in non-owner occupied units. How could that be? The council changed definitions: formerly, “non-owner occupied” referred to buildings. The change makes it refer to individual units. The ironic net result is a reduction in the number of non-owner occupied units allowed in the city. It’s a very important distinction that many voices continue to get wrong – including the mayor, who participated in the discussion and vote.

    1. Cameron Autry

      Hi Ralph,

      Thank you for your comment. It seems like several other media outlets have failed to make this distinction as well. Do you mind sending any further info regarding this? I absolutely want to make sure we get this story right.


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