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  1. Kevin

    I know Wells personally and have witnessed him practice what he preaches. He walks the walk when it comes to justice for immigrants working with ILAP. He has immigrant friends- he isn’t just pining for votes- he gets out there and meets people because he is open-minded and compassionate. He is nonjudgmental when it comes to Portland’s addicts and homeless population, but he is also practical and knows that these issues need to be confronted head-on.

    As a small business owner, he is entrepreneurial (overused word, but it applies here). His mind is always buzzing with new ideas for products and he works every day to expand the Made in Maine line at Rogue Industries to help grow jobs here. That active, intelligent, creative mind, combined with a passionate heart (cheesy, but true) is what we need at City Hall. Vote for him November 3rd!


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