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I am a 30 year old activist from Portland, Maine. Journalism became a necessary hobby when I realized how much the truth of important issues was being suppressed from the mainstream. I believe finding common ground and working together are vital. Using many forms of media I hope to share what's going on to people free of a hidden agenda and possibly educate a bit along the way.

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  1. David Marsh

    A more “balanced” assessment of the ‘risks’ of 5G may be found here:

    1. Destiny

      your “assessment” is complete bullsh*t

  2. Heidi

    I just had at & t install 5g tower near me and the sound it immits is unbearable I feel like my ears are going to bleed affecting my nerves and chest. I can’t imagine what my pets must be feeling. These towers are obviously bad for humans and animals i guess there will be law suits , but the worse is damage its doing now. I guess your suppose to move where they are not going to have them

  3. Debra Fichtner

    Thank You for this message. How far should a person live from a tower to be safe?


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