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  1. Buy Pacific Northwest

    Life is full of surprises and I want to share with you a surprising adventure I am on. As a fifth generation Union County Oregon citizen and fifth plus generation business owner I know first hand the importance small businesses have on our economy and how shop local impacts our surroundings. I also know the struggles small businesses face every day and month. I fully support shop local and that is how I came up with “Buy Pacific Northwest” shop local, online. I hand pick items from small shops in the pacific northwest, purchase and resale online.

    Many of us live in rural areas which make it difficult to find shops to purchase from and/or many of us are not mobile and have no way to get out of the house. Then there are those folks who work 24/7 and can’t find the time to shop local and need an easy outlet to do so.

    While my inventory is minimal, but growing as funds are generated. I believe this business will succeed if folks can learn of my service. I am seeking as many avenues possible to get the word out. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks.
    Sandra Patterson
    Buy Pacific Northwest


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