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Adam Rice

I am a 30 year old activist from Portland, Maine. Journalism became a necessary hobby when I realized how much the truth of important issues was being suppressed from the mainstream. I believe finding common ground and working together are vital. Using many forms of media I hope to share what's going on to people free of a hidden agenda and possibly educate a bit along the way.

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  1. Ari

    Thank you Adam, you are 100% correct. We need this out ASAP and if the only way the bureaucracy will accept that happening is with a public vote, then let’s get it on the next ballot. I’m in Portland Maine too and I will get this going. Too bad someone in government can’t just end this absurdity immediately. They would need to grow a spine and employ common sense, and simply follow existing law…..fluoridation of our water is done by police powers, pushed by the Public Health Service, it is outside of law, like you said (Also, the NSF doesn’t actually test the hydrofluorosilicic acid…there are no long term safety studies on it…..HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?) But sure, if the folks in government are too fluoride-damaged to see the blatant illegality of this, then I guess the public vote is the way to go. At least then we will see who will come out and publicly promote this insidious practice… My prediction is very few if any will publicly take responsibility for this slow genocide they call “ The top health achievement of the past century”
    2020 will be the end of fluoridation nationwide!!!!

  2. Sonia

    Can we get this on the next ballot? In addition, people need to be informed of truth behind fluoride in the water.


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