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  1. Michael Jay Anthony

    greenwashing much?

    the military industrial complex, produces the most carbon, and heating your homes produces more than driving.

    rather than curbing your diet, consider hosting a couch surfer. if you double up the residents in your home, you are cutting your carbon emissions anywhere from 10-25% on average

    the most important thing you can do to curb climate change is take a stance against war. organize a military tax resistance league, refuse to pay federal taxes and claim conscientious objection status, organize with other similar tax resisters, and pool your saved funds. use that shared fund for any legal costs, and to replace siezed property in the off chance one of yall is audited and looses a case, and any surplus funds use to support local sustainable agriculture, co-operative economics, green energy infrastructure development, and co-housing projects, and further resistance to major sources of pollution, like tourism and war.


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