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The West End News (WEN) is known for popular features such as “The Daily Dumpster,” a gossip column served as Portland’s Twitter before social media. Readers also enjoy the “Cartoon Map” and “The West End News Reader Photo.” Over the years, WEN has become a well-regarded source for micro-local news coverage. This is due largely to Ed The West End News founder and former owner.  Who knows where the next scoop will come from?

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Neighborhood Notes

The West End News (WEN) is a free independent community newspaper published monthly in Portland, Maine, since 2001. WEN covers local news, incubates new talent, and provides affordable advertising for local businesses.



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Anthony ZeliTony Zeli is owner, publisher and editor of the West End News. He seeks to build a grassroots newspaper, where community members can share their stories, debate controversial issues, and envision a future for their neighborhood together.

Tony’s background in labor rights, environmental health and interfaith organizing informs his view on the world. Positive community impact is his number one goal.

The West End News is owned and operated by Zeli Enterprises, LLC. /// Webmaster: Avenue Media, LLC