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The West End News (WEN) is Portland’s community newspaper. A free independent paper published monthly and circulating on First Friday. 

Health & Wellness

Getting Help Faster

Getting Help Faster

Rapid Access Treatment for opioid use disorder combines immediate withdrawal relief with a long-term plan for recovery A trip to a hospital emergency... Read more


Trump's New Cold War

Trump’s New Cold War

by Adam Marletta Trump is afraid of the socialist movement. He should be. A scourge is haunting the Trump White House: The scourge of communism. How e... Read more

Anthony ZeliA message from editor and publisher Tony Zeli:

At the West End News our number one goal is positive community impact. As a grassroots newspaper, we focus on local community driven journalism. WEN is written by neighbors for the whole community.

Published since 2001, we are proud to continue a long tradition of quality, free news for everyone!

The West End News is owned and operated by Zeli Enterprises, LLC | 795 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102 | 207.518.8271